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About A2D2

About A2D2

Attention 2
Detail & Design

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Hi, I'm Kate!

Solopreneur and founder of my
own small business!

"I'm passionate about supporting busy entrepreneurs and content creators of all types to project the most distinguished and engaging image by creating vibrant visuals, proofreading written content and polishing presentation formats, through the ease of online sharing platforms."  


My 'backstory':

  • Early in 2020, amid the upheaval that was daily human existence & the challenges of a job of ever-increasing complexity & stress, I decided change was needed. 

  • A fierce commitment to upholding stringent standards in accurate, precise, clear & professional presentation of content was fused with my passion for digital design. 

  • In 2021 the concept of Attention 2 Detail & Design, or A2D2, came to be and early in 2022 I launched my business!


Highlights of my work so far:

  • I've provided professional proofreading services to people seeking my support to project the most distinguished image in their job applications. 

  • I've developed a partnership with a professional association that supports special education leaders, working with them to ensure published content is written with accuracy and impact.

  • I've supported a local small business to review and refresh their website to ensure it projects the most engaging image for them.

  • I've designed engaging visuals to represent clients' research and writing, and for small business branding.

I'd love to connect with you to ensure the presentation of your business or personal documentation is of the highest standard and designed with your audience or persona in mind. 

Get in touch today to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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