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About A2D2

About A2D2

Attention 2
Detail & Design

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Hi, I'm Kate!

Solopreneur and founder of my
own small business!

I thrive on making you look good!
I support fellow solopreneurs, passionate and busy small business owners and content creators of all types to impress and stress less.
I help you project your most distinguished and engaging image by creating vibrant visuals, proofreading written content and polishing presentation formats, easily online.

Not long ago I decided to escape the challenge of a job of ever-increasing complexity & stress.
I leaned into my fierce commitment to upholding stringent standards in accurate, clear & professional presentation of documentation & information and fused it with my passion for digital design.
The concept of Attention 2 Detail & Design, or A2D2, came to be!
I’ve developed a passion for helping to lighten the load for solopreneurs who often find themselves doing it all!


Highlights of my work so far:

  • I've provided professional proofreading services to people seeking my support to project the most distinguished image in their job applications. 

  • I've developed a partnership with a professional association that supports special education leaders, working with them to ensure published content is written with accuracy and impact.

  • I've supported a local small business to review and refresh their website to ensure it projects the most engaging image for them.

  • I've designed engaging visuals to represent clients' research and writing, and for small business branding.

Have you ever received feedback that felt like a backhanded compliment?

That's exactly what happened to me in my previous leadership role at a high school where I supported both staff and students, and advocated for the diverse needs of students.

While I focused on clear communication, organisation and preparation, and a mentoring approach, a team member commented on my being “really good at the paperwork side of things.”

Initially, I took it as a dig at my skills. But on reflection, I realised it was a recognition of my strengths: attention to detail, clear communication and upholding a professional image.

Fast forward to today, these very skills are the foundation of my entrepreneurial journey.
I help small business owners like you by:

🌟Ensuring your brand shines with clear and consistent communication that reflects your professionalism and dedication.

🎯 Maximising accuracy and efficiency through my focus on detail which helps minimise errors ensuring clarity and consistency of your message.

👩🏻‍💼Presenting a polished image by assisting you in projecting a strong brand image and building trust in your audience.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with clear communication and a polished image?

Let's connect!

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