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I was able to support these busy clients to impress and stress less!

Read their stories below about working with Attention 2 Detail & Design.

Layout & formatting client


"Kate makes life easier. Working with Kate allowed me to relax about things I was concerned about: proofing, layout and, true to her word, the attention to detail. This meant I could think about the broader scope of the work.  

The work was quick, clever and it was clear that Kate had thoughtfully processed the brief so that she had answers to questions I didn't know I had! Thank you Kate. Appreciated."

Dr Katy Abbott

The Artists' Mentor

Website 3-page quick scan client

Kayla Fernance.jpg

"After staring at my website for days and reading and re-reading I was so grateful for Kate’s extra eyes over it. Kate was so incredibly thorough in her audit of my website and provided very helpful and kindly collated adjusting feedback that I was able to implement efficiently to improve my website. All the little things I’d missed because I was too close to it, but the little things that make a big difference in professional appearance. Thanks so much Kate, I really appreciate your support and guidance."

Kayla Fernance


the rogue edit

Proofreading client

Ric image.jpg

"One of our association’s key strategies for influencing change is the publication or position papers on key issues.

We first reached out to Kate to proofread a paper about six months ago. Although many sets of eyes had been over it, I was curious to see if Kate could find anything to change.

Not only did she pick up on errors that we had missed, her feedback ensured that the paper aligned to the relevant style guide and provided suggestions to sharpen the language and increase the potential influence.

We haven’t published a paper without her input since.

The rates are reasonable, and she consistently delivers within agreed timelines.

I have no hesitation in recommending A2D2 for proofreading any professional documents, job applications or any published work of importance."

Ric Day


Qld Association of Special Education Leaders

Proofreading client

Entvisl, Julia_edited.jpg

"What I was looking for was someone with a set of professional and ‘detached’ eyes to go over my application one final time, to coach and educate me on the structure and the language that was clear, precise and powerful. My application had to make a statement to get me over to the final stage – the interview.


I attended one of the workshops on application writing ... and one of the ‘must dos’ was to let someone with extensive experience in the field, and in the leadership world, to look over the application to give constructive feedback to learn from and then reflect on. Kate is exactly that and more! The expertise, the knowledge, the experience and one great eye for detail!


As I spent endless hours writing my application, reading evidence-based articles, editing, changing and looking over the application again and again, my brain couldn’t see, recognise faults or leave certain things out that were not needed. Kate works incredibly fast and so efficiently that made absolute sense applying changes she recommended. It made my application succinct, action-focused and articulate.


Kate has educational leadership experience and knows the industry inside out. I would definitely recommend Kate’s services to anyone who is applying for leadership positions within and outside of the education department and who is looking for ‘attention to detail’, ‘final approval’ and ‘powerful leadership language coaching’.


Head of Special Education Services

Website 3-page quick scan client


"When I saw Kate's offer of a 3-page website audit, I just knew I had to prioritise this!

We connected online and within just a few days, Kate had sent me a detailed outline of her suggested improvements for my Home page, my Work With Me page and my VIP Offers page.

Each suggestion was easy to understand, with examples and the reason for the suggestion, so, not only could I improve the readability, clarity and layout of my pages, I also LEARNT why it was better and will become an overall part of my continuous improvement for my business.

HIGHLY recommend having Kate to help you glow up your website too!"

Claire Riley

Business coach, mentor & consultant

Website scan clients


"We decided to engage someone to help us do what we did not have time to do ourselves. We wanted to update and freshen-up our website and content, build in clearer messaging, make it easier to navigate for traffic and ensure content read well to make the site more user friendly.

Kate offered ideas to help improve our website and design that matched what we were looking for and also that we had not considered which made us feel like she cared and had knowledge and insight.

As a result of working with Attention 2 Detail & Design our website message and content is clearer and more understandable for clients which will hopefully turn into ticket sales. The look and design of the website is now more welcoming and easier to navigate. 

Kate saved us potentially 20 hours of work to do this ourselves and did it at a higher quality than we could have achieved. Without this service, our website would not have received the attention and upgrades it needed.

This has provided us with hours to spend with our family and new bub rather than working! We feel confident now that our page reads well, is clear and user friendly but also has our feel to it, with the consistent choice of design and colour, so it's still familiar for clients. 

We recommend Attention 2 Detail & Design’s website update services to small businesses, especially family run businesses who often don't get the time to dedicate to the background work of the business. It would help anyone who wants some valuable insight and input into changes that can be made to make their business messaging clearer and more concise and for business owners seeking a nice, clear, new feel to their business image and website.

Kate was professional, friendly, upfront with all costs and work provided so we knew exactly what we would be getting before beginning.


James and Rebecca deVries


A Painter’s Dream

Proofreading client


"Thank you Kate Eunson!

Highly recommend Kate as a proofreader. Has saved me hours of work!

Fast turn-around and amazing attention to detail."


Belinda Russell

Project Officer

Department of Education

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