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& Offers

Kate Eunson - CEO Attention 2 Detail & Design

At A2D2 I thrive on making you look good! 

I have a range of services and offers available to help you project the most distinguished and engaging image. 

As one happy client said, "Kate makes life easier." 

See the Testimonials page for more. 

Solopreneur Site Scan

A service for solopreneurs and small business owners with outdated or ‘do-it-yourself’ websites who want to elevate, enhance and amplify their message without spending hours looking for faults and improvements or losing touch with their own content.

Receive a specific, detailed & comprehensive report with affirmations, recommendations & opportunities!

"We recommend Attention 2 Detail & Design’s website update services to small businesses, especially family run businesses who often don't get the time to dedicate to the background work of the business.

It would help anyone who wants some valuable insight and input into changes that can be made to make their business messaging clearer and more concise and for business owners seeking a nice, clear, new feel to their business image and website."  

Rebecca & James deVries - Founders & Owners ~ A Painter’s Dream

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Polished Presentation.png

Polished Presentation

Document Layout & Formatting

  • Share the most engaging documentation with your members or participants.

  • Improve user experience with your business documentation.

  • Ensure high levels of engagement and readability.

  • Most professional presentation of your 'brand'.

  • Save time to put into the more important parts of your work or business.

  • Proficient in Canva, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Google Docs.

Correct Content


  • Essential to ensure accuracy and professionalism of written content.

  • Skilled in Australian and American English (trained in CMoS).

  • Adherence to your preferred style guide.

What is the difference between proofreading and copyediting?

Proofreaders work with a final draft in the last step before publication, checking the text for typos or doubled words, grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting issues and adherence to a style guide. 

Whereas copyeditors come in earlier in the editorial cycle and make changes at a sentence or word level by suggesting improvements or rewriting chunks of text.

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Vibrant Visuals.png

Vibrant Visuals

Design & Presentation


Let's work together to design beautiful images and vibrant visuals to elevate your business, project, product or persona!

  • Logos

  • Social media images

  • Flyers & brochures

  • Infographics

  • Lead magnets

  • Website images
Vibrant Visuals
Correct Content
Polished Presentaton
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